Tilmann Grawe | Portrait
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Tilmann Grawe,

the most parisian of European designers

«A contemporary approach to fashion that blends tradition
with new technologies, all in tribute to femininity…»

Tilmann Grawe is a talented designer of luxury prêt-à-porter fashion – noted for his remarkable use of unusual materials.
He succeeds in reconciling classicism and respect for tradition with new ideas and original creations – all in tribute to femininity.

After two years’ study in Germany, Tilmann Grawe honed his skills in France at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and then with Louis Féraud Haute Couture.
Tilmann Grawe began presenting his own fashion and accessory collections in 1989.

In July 1999, after the last Paco Rabanne Haute Coutrure collection, Tilmann Grawe decides to instigate his close to his heart project by starting his own collection.

In March 2000, he presented his first luxury prêt-à-porter collection at the prestigious Hotel Bristol in Paris.

His idea was to create collections and custom designs that blend prêt-à-porter with Haute Couture.
The sophistication of his creations encompasses both contemporary tendencies and the requirements of everyday feminine life..
His original collection propose : A top of the line prêt-à-porter range Unique, customized pieces for a more sophisticated clientele Limited series of luxury items, such as glasses designed in buffalo horn, wood or gold.

Tilmann Grawe’s creations propose an image of the woman at once seductive, strong and feminine… Tilmann Grawe is an extremely meticulous fashion designer who hovers over the slightest detail in search of the perfect creation.
The alliance of noble materials requires elaborate knowledge and the collaboration of other fashion professions such as lace makers or furriers.

Tilmann Grawe clarifies his signature style by mixing the use of precious materials such as horn, crystal and furs with plexus inlays in his evening dresses.

Fully in tune with developments in feminine luxury at the international level.
Tilmann Grawe has participated in such prestigious operations as the UNICEF fashion parade, sponsored by the First Lady of Germany in Berlin, and the Cannes Film Festival.

International stars such as Paz Vega, Lara Fabian, Aishwarya Rai and recently Lady Gaga do not hesitate to choose the creations of Tilmann Grawe.

Photo : DR

The unique style of Tilmann Grawe combines modernity and elegance in perfect harmony with the image of luxury.