Exhibitions / Charity Events - Tilmann Grawe
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Exhibitions / Charity Events

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 PARIS

«Sweet little Face of Fashion Designers» UNICEF in Paris to support the vaccination of children in Darfour.

2010 : Baby Gaga is born !

Photo : Jean-François Aloïsi

2009 : Nini, little hedgehog girl of Greenland.

Photo : Jean-François Aloïsi

2008 PARIS

«For Earthly and other Worldly Women» Exhibition at the gallery Adler.


Special design of a chocolate dress for the «Chocolate Show» to benefit the association»La Voix de l’Enfant»,
presented by famous contemporary dance choreographer Blanca Li..

The fabulous choreographer Blanca Li
in a dress made out of aluminium and chocolate

Photo : Stéphane Grangier

«The tree of one thousand-and-one flavours»
in aluminium and chocolate, presented
by the extraordinary Blanca Li.

Photo : Stéphane Grangier


At the request of Russia’s biggest
daily newspaper «IZVESTIA»,
Creation of a story and a dress,
worn by a COROLLE doll
to support 13 year-old Alieuna’s
fight against leukemia.

2005 PARIS

«Paris-tout p’tits» association,
Special creation of a collector handbag,
Sales-exhibition to benefit
babies suffering from malnutrition.

2005 PARIS

HAVAIANAS – «Brazil – Vibrations – 2005»
Sales-exhibition to benefit
the Gol-de-Lettra Foundation in support
of underprivileged children in Brazil.

2004 PARIS

«Ombilical Love»
Sales-exhibition to benefit
the association «L’Enfant Bleu».

2003 PARIS

«Modamorphose» – Collective exhibition
at the Printemps Haussmann in Paris.

2001 PARIS

«Ultra-Black , Confessions of a color»
– exhibition of art and fashion at the
Printemps-Haussmann department store in Paris.