How do I unsubscribe from email alerts and push notifications? How do I deactivate my account? Integrate the app into Zendesk Support. How do I change the email associated with my Zillow profile? See Registering the mobile app in Zendesk Support in the Support Help Center The Zendesk admin has provided you with the initialization code for the app. Here's a list of all the features it provides: App review notifications to Slack, email, Trello, Twitter, and Zendesk ; Unlimited countries, languages, and integrations Co-browse for Android, iOS, and Web. See Adding the Support SDK (Required).

The app supports the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Store and Mac App Store. Reset search filters. You can also view all your drafts and saved videos from your account through the “My Videos” tab.
A Zendesk admin has registered your iOS app in Zendesk Support.

Features on the iOS App. You can also use it to manage push notification tokens and perform other tasks. iOS Mobile Apps iOS Mobile Apps . Zendesk SDK for mobile is a quick, convenient way to get customer support into your mobile apps. iPhone FAQs. - the alert next to "Reporting" and the badge count number still appear. You can register to start a free trial. Once you click the [Update] button, you will be directed to your phone's app store.

Co-browse for Android, iOS, and Web.

Your organization has a Zendesk Support account. I have seen others talk about a Zendesk Talk Mobile App, and I see that Caroline has suggested that a standalone Talk app may be in our future. Try how easy it is to track every single user reviews and respond to them on .

This repository provides you with an open-source alternative to the "Rate My App" feature of versions 1.x of the Zendesk Support SDK for iOS.

Zendesk Mobile SDK for iOS. Refunds for iOS purchases; Application upgrades; General user guide; Execute actions with Cloud Service; Execute actions with Night Mode; See all 19 articles Cleaner Help [News] Instagram Action Block issue; Refunds for iOS purchases; Common app issues and fixes; General user guide; Application upgrades; Execute actions with Cloud Service The iOS iPad app has an annoying problem with notifications showing for "Reporting."
The iOS SDK supports iOS 9 and above. Initialize the Support SDK in your app. ⚠️ This Repository has been deprecated, please go to here for the Zendesk Support SDK ⚠️. The iOS SDK supports iOS 9 and above. No matter what I do - view, pull down to refresh, etc. You can browse templates or start your video from scratch and then customize your video further using the editor.

How do I upload a pre-recorded video to my listing? The feature that would be the most useful for us in terms of a Talk Mobile app would be a way to toggle Availability status … Can I edit my 3D Home Tour?

Instant screen sharing and remote control built into your apps.

Add the Support SDK to your iOS project.

You can also use it to manage push notification tokens and perform other tasks. ReviewBot is an online review monitoring service.

Make sure the features you want to use are covered in your Zendesk Support plan. Instant screen sharing and remote control built into your apps. If you have any questions please email

My search is producing no results. If you need to manually update your app to the most updated version, please follow the below instructions: Open the iOS App Store; Search for and open ‘First Conversations’ Select the blue Update button or click the Update section at the bottom of your screen. The Create app offers all the tools that are available on desktop. It is a simple example with no integration with or dependency on the Zendesk platform. While green was nice, we felt it was time for a fresh look and we hope you like it! Get ahead of the day and keep things running by bringing the right people, conversations, and information together. Integrate the app into Zendesk Support.

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