Mrs. Dubose is a haggard, two-faced old nag who bullies little children because she can; and then when it suits her, she turns polite for Atticus because he's respectable and kind. Mrs. Dubose was a "very old" woman with a mean temperament and a harsh tongue. Mrs. Dubose, the mean old lady down the street.

her the drugs for her sickness, but she was determined to get rid of the addiction before she died, and that's exactly what she Mrs. Dubose's addiction to morphine symbolizes the hold racism has on the South during the time period of the novel. Mrs. Dubose tells Jem he has to learn to pull the camellias out by the roots to get rid of them. Figuratively, the drug-induced stupor of Mrs. Dubose illustrates the South's refusal to own and overcome its prejudice. She strives to restore herself and her traditional Southern values. Mrs. Dubose is a very sick and pretty mad old neighbor who lives two houses down from the Finches. She is merely a symptom of a deeper problem. Attacking a "bloom," like Mrs. Dubose, is pointless, as Atticus Finch knows. As the children leave, Mrs. Dubose continues to criticize the Finches by commenting that half of their family needed to be in an asylum. This symbolizes the need to attack the South's racism at its roots.

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