Why does he implicitly trust him, despite the enormous dangers involved? Here is the prompt: Describe the role that O'Brien plays in Winston's life. Relationship between O’Brien and Winston. O'Brien is a prominent leader in the Inner Party, although his official title is not clear. How Prezi does project status updates with a distributed workplace Why does he implicitly trust him, despite the enormous dangers involved? O’Brien is a mysterious character throughout the book. Winston feels that they have a connection. Julia uses the cover that she is a member of the Junior Anti- Sex League however she betrays the Party by having sex with Winston. The relationship between Winston and O'Brien is one of the darkest and most intriguing in the whole novel. Why do you think that initially, WInston is drawn to O'Brien? But this is actually 100% standard intelligence services SOP. How Winston's trust is turned against him. When Winston asks O’Brien if he too has been captured by the Party, O’Brien replies, “They got me long ago.” This reply could signify that O’Brien himself was once rebellious, only to be tortured into passive acceptance of the Party. No matter what wrong O'Brien did to Winston, Winston did not care.

These are the questions and answers from a class discussion Mr Cowens' class had.

Discuss the significance and nature of Winston's dreams. Winston asks whether the Party has gotten O’Brien, too.

Winston also learns that he is thought to be insane, and O'Brien, who acts strangely like Winston's friend, says that he will cure him. Why do you think that initially, Winston is drawn to O'Brien?

His emotional side wants to trust O'Brien and rebellion.

Blog. O’Brien shakes Winston’s hand, and turns the telescreen back on as Winston steps out of his residence. One can also argue that O’Brien pretends to sympathize with Winston merely to …

Winston believes him as he goes with his gut.

They both think that he's , like them , a member/part of the oppostion to Big Brother . O’Brien is able to convince Winston that he is part of the Brotherhood and is against the Party. Winston considered him a true friend. There's no in-canon answer aside from O'Brien telling Winston that they observed him for years (meaning, they knew of his activities independently of walking into bookstore). Any help given to me will receive best answer, and would be greatly appreciated. He was by his side through all of the torture and pain brought upon Winston.

One can also argue that O’Brien pretends to sympathize with Winston merely to gain his trust. Towards the end of the novel, however, O`Brien violates the trust that Winston instilled in him. Winston describes him to be a big man with a brutal face. Winston feels that even if O'Brien is an enemy, it wouldn't matter because he knows O'Brien will understand him without explanation. Why do you think that initially, Winston is drawn to O'Brien? He seems to be close to Big Brother and may even be part of a collective that makes up Big Brother. 20 May 2020. The betrayed is caused as Winston and Julia were allowed to rent a room in Charrington's shop. Similarly, one cannot be sure whether the Brotherhood actually exists, or if it is simply a Party invention used to trap the disloyal and give the rest of the populace a common enemy.

Why does Winston and Julia trust o'brien? O'Brien finally answers Winston's primary question, the question that has haunted him throughout the story: the why of the Party's behavior.

Although O'Brien is endlessly cruel to Winston, Winston never has any emotions but awe, inferiority, and respect towards him. The novel does not answer these questions, but rather leaves O’Brien as a shadowy, symbolic enigma on the fringes of the even more …

O'Brien seems to be a co-conspirator and friend to Winston Smith until the third part of the novel, when he is revealed as a zealous Party leader who had been closely watching Winston for years.

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