The concept is fairly simple. From not being able to maintain weight loss to spending more money on food, the Whole30 diet … For 30 days, you eat only whole foods like meat, fruit, and vegetables. Cons, drawbacks, and potential negatives of the Whole30 diet - Insider From not being able to maintain weight loss to spending more money on food, the Whole30 diet isn't practical for everyone. Whole30 has its drawbacks. The concept is fairly simple. With the popularity of Whole30, you may be tempted to give it a whirl. But, like any major lifestyle change with the pros, come the cons. It's a 30-day plan designed to help you reset your eating habits and change your health. Even though I have watched just about every food documentary on Netflix, I still learned so much from her. Each week she brought a new food lesson and a new dish to try.

It seems to be an attempt to interrupt the mini-addictions that keep us trapped in our habits.

But the critics seem harsh given that any elimination diet is going to eliminate foods, and sometimes even entire food groups. The Whole30 is basically the ultimate elimination diet.

The plan is outlined in the book The Whole30: The 30-Day … I’ve gotten a lot of questions and emails about the Whole30 diet, including one from Jazmine, who wrote: I have recently been researching the Whole30 diet promoted by Melissa Hartwig. The Whole30 diet declares swaths of food off-limits, and sets up ironclad rules about the little that's left. For instance, no faux junk food, even made with all Whole30-approved ingredients. Your only job is to stick to the Whole30 rules for 30 straight days… no cheats, no slips, no “special occasions.” This isn’t a hazing or a boot camp; the requirement for 100% compliance is grounded in science. Read on to see if Whole30 is right for you. Eating Whole30 means cutting out a lot of foods, including grains, dairy, legumes, soy and any added sugars or sweeteners. We were lucky enough to have Whole 30 Certified Coach, Leah Roberts from Capital Region Medical Center come to Campus every Tuesday for six weeks to teach us, encourage us, and bring us food. We call the Whole30 a “reset,” but at its heart, the Whole30 is an elimination diet.

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