Acid rain, or acid deposition, is a broad term that includes any form of precipitation with acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid that fall to the ground from the atmosphere in wet or dry forms.

Acid rain occurs when pollution in the form of acid attaches to the pure water droplets that have evaporated up into the air.
Acid rain also occurs in Asia and parts of Africa, South America, and Australia. Some acid rain occurs naturally, but sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions from smokestacks combine with rain to make sulfuric and nitric acid in amounts that harm the environment.

Acid rain enters the water cycle through both wet and dry depositions. Acid rain is rain with an unusually low pH level, meaning it is extremely acidic. Sources of Acid Rain Acid rain is caused by a chemical reaction that begins when compounds like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air. The region of the United States most harmed by acid rain is the East … Acid rain can occur anywhere rain falls. The chemical reaction equation for the production of acid rain resulting from sulfur oxides is: SO 2 + HOH -> H 2 SO 3.The reaction equation for acid rain produced from nitrogen oxides is: 2NO 2 + HOH -> HNO 2 + HNO 3.. Description Water from the earth’s surface evaporates into the atmosphere, where it condenses and precipitates as rain, snow, mist or water vapor and thus returns to the surface of the earth.
As a global environmental issue, it is frequently overshadowed by climate change .

Acid rain is formed when nitrogen oxides or sulfur oxides in the atmosphere react with suspended water droplets and produce acids.

This can include rain, snow, fog, hail or even dust that is acidic.

Acid rain is caused by the omission of harmful particles into the atmosphere, including sulfur dioxide (SO 2) and nitrogen oxide (NO 2).Acid rain can have harmful effects on plants, marine animals, humans, infrastructure and more.

Though it is probably caused by cities with high industrial pollutant output, the clouds, pollutants and water could travel anywhere before falling.

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