What a great way to end the year by letting students know how much they mattered. In Mary’s post, she wrote end-of-school-year notes on her student’s desks (with dry erase markers). Secondly, I want to set the right tone for the year. Every school is different, but a typical day of a first-year medical student usually consists of hours of coursework. When I first began teaching, I did usual thing – working through the class list (“do you prefer Patrick, or Pat? First off, I want the kids to feel excited about school. It is a time to get to know your students and show them what you expect of them for the year. Blah, blah, blah – think of the message it sent to my students. In order to create a welcoming classroom environment, start by using the following teaching strategies . New teachers typically anticipate the first day of school with a mixture of anxiety and excitement. They may have gained experience teaching in a controlled environment under the tutelage of a supervising teacher in a student teaching position. Establish from the get-go that your classroom is in the business of learning by diving into a challenging academic lesson (or two or three) on the first day of school. ), a dry recitation of the class rules, passing out the textbooks. The first day of school for teachers can be a stressful one!

What do teachers plan and do on the first day of school? In addition to the photo frames, I decided to do a twist on an idea in a post from fellow blogger Mary Blow, " End the Year on a Positive Note ." On the first day of school, I only have two priorities. I distinctly remember my first day as a teacher, I planned enough to last the whole first week and was a bundle of nerves that morning. The responsibility of a classroom teacher, however, is different. As a social studies high school teacher, I faced over 25 years of the first day of school. Be sure, however, that it’s spot-on—high interest, participatory, leaving no doubt as to what you want your students to know and to do. The first day of school is usually filled with jitters, excitement, and anticipation of the unknown. The first day of school is an exciting time: There's a new class full of students to get to know.

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