Substitute shortening with fatty animal products like lard and suet.

You can also substitute butter for shortening in baked goods, but sometimes there are also noticeable differences.

Most folks prefer butter because of the wonderful flavor it imparts.

—R.M., Wyoming, Michigan Yes, butter or stick margarine can be substituted for shortening in equal proportions in cake and cookie recipes. Butter has some water content – usually around 85% fat and 15% water (this varies slightly from brand to brand). Fat. Shortening is a vegetarian oil-based product. Know that lard is an animal product and if you want to eliminate animal fats from your diet, avoid lard. Shortening is 100% fat. Oil.

It is a popular ingredient worldwide used to bake pastries like bread, cakes and cookies.
Vegan. Palm shortening is a semi solid fat that comes from palm oil which is sourced from palm trees.
However, you can expect some changes in the texture of your baked goods.

Shortening is a crucial ingredient that when mixed into the dough, makes the pie crusts, tarts and other baked goods crumblier and softer.

Lard is a perfectly acceptable substitute for shortening in most recipes. Deep-frying is fine with lard. What Is a Good Substitute for Vegetable Shortening? Butter. Although many seem to believe that it is irreplaceable, there are a few products you can use as a substitute for shortening.

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