False history is an attempt at mind control.

Before I start I want to point out that there was nothing subversive or bad about what happened it is just the way things are.

If history has something important to teach us, the reasoning goes, it must be accurate history or it is merely teaching us a fiction.

Episode 1: What is Objectivity and Why It Is Important [English] "A is A" is a podcast about philosophy done by Andrei Volkov who is an Objectivist. Not knowing the difference, on the face of things is easy to explain; I was never taught.

Objectivity works in two ways. This guide, like many of the others in API’s Journalism Essentials section, is largely based on the research and teachings of the Committee of Concerned Journalists — a consortium of reporters, editors, producers, publishers, owners and academics that for 10 years facilitated a discussion among thousands of journalists about what they did, how they did it, and why it was important. Now, the facts can point to one side more than other, so in order to achieve impartiality you will need to avoid telling your public all the information, or present it … Why I didn't know the difference between subjectivity and objectivity and 2.

Impartiality means you want to be in balance with two or more points of views about some news, event or issue. The Importance of Objectivity and Falsification in Management Science Abstract In general, I thought that the Boal and Willis "Note on the Armstrong/Mitroff Debate" provided an interesting and fair discussion. The other use of objectivity is that it provides neutral territory that allows an … This episode covers the issue of objectivity.

The summary of the consequences of the subjective versus objective approaches (Table 1 in their paper) was helpful. Why was I not taught this and what was I taught is where it gets complicated and while it may sound subjective I will try to give evidence to back up what I am saying. Why knowing the difference has changed my life so much. First, it helps to remove emotion, allowing people to think more rationally. objectivity means judgement based on observable phenomena and uninfluenced by emotions or personal prejudices. Objectivity is more important.

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