Woodland Terms in Place-Names . From Aachen to Zyrardów, this dictionary gives the history, meanings, and origin of an enormous range of country, region, island, city, and town names from around the world. A.W. noun the name given to or held by a geographical location, as a town, city, village, etc. In doing so, it reveals religious and cultural traditions, the migration of peoples, the ebb and flow of armies, the presence of explorers, local languages, industrial developments, topography, as well as superstitions and legends. In the same way he learned many names for the one-man god: "Mister Kennan," "Harley," "Captain Kennan," and "Skipper." Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Buy A Dictionary of British Place-Names (Oxford Quick Reference) Revised edition by Mills, David (ISBN: 9780199609086) from Amazon's Book Store. The A to Z entries are complemented by a detailed introductory essay discussing the chronology and development of English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish place-names, as well as an extensive bibliography, maps of Britain showing old and new boundaries, and a glossary of common elements in place-names.Both accessible and up to date, this dictionary is an ideal companion for anybody travelling … Do you have any more examples of place-names which use these words? When we are referring to buildings or institutions that don’t include the name of a town or city, we use the : the airport, the University Press , but not when the name of the town or city is included: Gatwick Airport , Cambridge University Press . Only in the intimacy of the three of them alone did Jerry hear him called: "Husband-Man," "My Man," "Patient One," "Dear Man," "Lover," and "This Woman's Delight. Virtually all of the place names decided on up to around the 14th Century were due to the environment of the area. Reed, The Reed dictionary of New Zealand place names, Reed, 1975; Te Ara: Encyclopedia of New Zealand; T. Turoa and Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal, Te Takoto o te Whenua o Hauraki = Hauraki landmarks, Reed, Auckland, 2000; For some other well-known place names, see the Ingoa Wāhi o Aotearoa interactive map on the Kōrero Māori website.

The first of its kind in Wales, this volume deals with most of the place-names of Wales as well as prominent features of the landscape. But these names are far from random nonsense; they are specific names, many with ancient origins. The names of villages and towns frequently refer to particular people(s), social and administrative activities, landscape, birds and animals, crops and vegetation, and most of them are well over a thousand years old. For example, Doncaster would probably have originated as a Roman fort on a hill, from the Roman 'Caster' and Celtic 'Don'. All place names are recorded on a database linked to digital maps, which provides immense scope for presenting and using the data. Also includes an invaluable glossary of the place-name elements.

"But in no way could Jerry utter these names in address of the one-man nor the many names in address of the one- woman. First published in … Each entry gives the meaning of the word, alongside linguistic notes (discussed below) and modern and historical examples of the word in actual place-names in Scotland. We usually use the with the names of hotels, cinemas, museums and art galleries: the Marriott, the Louvre, the National Gallery.

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