What does Macbeth wish the knocking could do (line 73)?

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(ii, 73-74) Wake up Duncan. Macbeth wishes that Duncan could wake up with the knocking sounds he was hearing. (ii, 26-64) He feels so guilty that even all of Neptune’s oceans couldn’t wash away the blood and guilt from him.

(ii, 73-74) Scene III . What does Macbeth wish the knocking could do?

Based on his response to Macduff’s question about drinking, what other purpose does the Porter seem to serve in this play? Wake Duncan with your knocking. Act 2, Scene 3. When Macbeth recalls not being able to say ‘Amen,’ what does that reveal about him (lines 26-28)?

What does Macbeth wish the knocking could do?

The daggers had to be returned to Duncan's chamber so no suspicions could be raised towards Macbeth and so the murder could be blamed to the servants. The Doctor replies that only Lady Macbeth herself could do that. He kills them in fury. Hence it is, that, when the deed is done, when the work of darkness is perfect, then the world of darkness passes away like a pageantry in the clouds: the knocking at the gate is heard; and it makes known audibly that the reaction has commenced: the human has made its reflux upon the fiendish; the pulses of life are beginning to beat again; and the re-establishment of the goings-on of the world in which we …

How does Macbeth feel after committing the murder and what does he proclaim he could not do? (iii, 1-18) How is this symbolic? Previous page Act 2, Scene 2, Page 3 Next section Act 2, Scene 3.

(iii, 24-31) What is the first reaction to the King's death and who's is it?

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What does Macbeth wish the knocking could do? Lady Macbeth kept calling Macbeth a coward because he started to freak out, and questioning what he has done, and for being scared of placing the daggers … (iii, 1-18) How is this symbolic? Act 2, Scene 2, Page 3 .
It escalates into a bit of a fight, with Macbeth becoming demanding and impatient. Take a study break Every Book on Your English Syllabus Summed Up in a Quote from The Office. What does the Porter pretend to be the gatekeeper of? What does Macbeth do to the supposed murderers and why? I wish you could!

Test your knowledge Take the Act 2, scenes 1-2 Quick Quiz. He wishes that it would wake Duncan from death. Exeunt. 2. What is the first reaction to the King's death and whose is it?
Read the Summary Read the Summary of Act 2, scenes 1–2. He claims that in his great fury he killed them without thinking. Scene 3 (II.iii) 1. To what gate does the Porter compare the gate of Macbeth’s castle (lines 1-2)?

The reaction from Macduff is great horror, almost unconceivable horror. What does the Porter pretend to be the gatekeeper of?

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