Submitted by: Judith Porter, co-chair Barbara Steffin, co-chair If you’re looking for WH question exercises to support your child’s speech therapy goals, you’ve come to the right place. relationship/judgment and safety) yes/no questions with __% accuracy. Many of our students have a Wh Question goal on their IEP.

Choose a goal … Highlight the English or Spanish Speech Therapy Goals.
Another reason it’s my favorite is because it is so easily generalized…. NAME will ask reciprocal questions of a therapist or peer in 4/5 opportunities across 3 consecutive sessions provided minimal verbal and visual cues. you SEE the progress in all areas. Kids ask questions to learn about their world and how things work.

QUESTION: Do you write your goals to target individual WH questions (ex.

You might be thinking... Well, if I just read your mind, I will answer all three of these questions here. • The patient will expressively produce appropriate “wh” questions in various situations with __% accuracy. The goals and objectives were written with basic simplicity so that the user can adjust them to fit a particular student. Use these visuals as you ask Wh- questions to provide extra support.

WH questions are my favorite IEP goal of all time. STELLAR STORIES TO TARGET WH QUESTIONS: PBS Kids stories for younger children. Now, this page is for Kindergarten and early elementary students.

• The patient will appropriately participate in a short (5-10 minutes), one-to-one conversation with __% accuracy. Speech therapists LOVE to worry about WH questions! Click on a speech therapy goal area below.

The group of speech-language pathologists who created these goals and objectives hope they will be of help to fellow colleagues throughout the state. That’s A LOT of questions. Answering “wh” questions does require both receptive and expressive language skills. WH questions are a huge life […] Given written or verbal cues, NAME will initiate a conversation with a peer, ask a question, and answer a question in 80% of observed opportunities.

The typical question begins with a wh question word including simple who questions, what questions, when, where, why questions speech therapy, and how). previously read story using visual stimuli and verbal prompts presented by clinician in 7/10 trials across 4 sessions. The student needs to understand and process the “wh” question and then be able to use his/her expressive language skills to answer the question. However, if you have an older child with a WH question goal, there is good information for you too. IEP Goals: Given a picture and word of a person, place, or thing (noun), STUDENT will copy the word with 80% accuracy, in 4 out of 5 opportunities, by MONTH, YEAR. My students seem to make such good progress with WH questions so I love watching them grow with this goal!

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