The bomber was constructed in 23 hours and 50 minutes, and took off 24 hours and 48 minutes after the first parts of the airframe had been laid down, beating the previous record of 48 hours … Six men are listed as the crew, though most Wellington descriptions I have seen show a 5 man crew. McCracken 30.10.1939 No. 9 Squadron Wellington Mk1 L4288 WS-A Sqr/Ldr Lamb It was shot in May 1941 and I believe was a Mark 1C. Each member was mutually dependent on the others and each had a vital part to play in ensuring that the aircraft reached its target, dropped its bombs and safely returned to base.

The Vickers Wellington was the primary bomber of the Royal Air Force at the start of World War 2, serving up until late 1943 when it was relegated to second line roles. Vickers Wellington LN514 was a Vickers Wellington bomber built in 1943 in record time, as part of a British propaganda effort during the Second World War. 460 Squadron RAAF.

These are the key roles and responsibilities of a heavy bomber crew during the Second World War. RAF Bomber Command Aircrew of World War II The crew of "G" for George, a celebrated Lancaster bomber operated by No. 1939 Bombing Wilhelmshaven 18th December 1939 Wellington N2904 Hue-Williams 30.10.1939 No 139 Squadron Blenheim IV N6234 XD-E P/O. STANDARD: 2 x 7.7mm machine guns in nose turret Hi, I'm doing some research on Wellington R1374 .

A Bomber Command aircrew operated as a team.

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