If you have to get multi-user debugging working through a dbgp proxy under vscode then setting up the ssh tunnels is the only way. pip-updater.PackagesAndVersions. Python in Visual Studio Code. A list of packages to install … After some research I found out how to install modules using pip install with proxy. I have tried using --proxy, but it still just timeouts.I have also tried setting a long timeout (60s), but that made no difference. VSCode should just use the system proxy settings by default and ask for a username/password if necessary. VSCode Xdebug and DBGp proxy. There should still be manual options for proxies in the config, however, it would also be useful for someone to have the option to specify a pac file too … Since I'm in a corporate setting I have an IT department that apparently doesn't expect me to have to know the proxy URL because they route all traffic through it, so with other node-based stuff I've not had to set a proxy http/https URL to get things working, I've just disabled strict SSL. However, configuration will still be loaded as part of the startup logic.

@joaomoreno That build doesn't work either, sadly.. No, those variables are not set on my box. Use it as follows: sudo pip --proxy
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