An app to address unilateral neglect (left or right inattention), dyslexia, and cognitive skills in rehabilitation and education.

It looks like there are lots of ways to vary the program. Visual attention is an area of visual processing that is more than just focusing on a task or leaning activity. Looks very good. Visual Attention Therapy was developed by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) and is used worldwide in speech and occupational therapy (OT) to help adults with left neglect after stroke and brain injury. One needs a thick book of paper-based activities to get the customized visual attention tasks you get here. Visual Attention Therapy is guaranteed to be one of those beautiful apps that will make you exclaim “Finally!” We were this close to hugging it, to be honest. Visual Attention Therapy helps brain injury and stroke survivors, as well as struggling students, to improve scanning abilities. Visual Attention Therapy I just bought this for my husband who has had a stroke and has reading, visual and attention issues. Attention is a hot topic when it comes to learning! * Immediate feedback with visual and auditory cues keeps users engaged. 17 May. Visual Attention Therapy Lite gives you a free taste of the customization and utility of the full app: Visual Attention Therapy. It is also used with children with dyslexia and attentional deficits by reading specialists and neuropsychologists. Tactus Therapy continues to impress with their quality therapy apps. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to visual attention, however. Visual Motor Skills. We tried it a bit today and he liked it a lot. Keeps the user on his toes. It also helps rehab professionals to assess for neglect and provide more efficient and effective therapy for attention deficits. Visual Attention Therapy offers benefits that can only be achieved through technology: * Targets must be tapped from left to right, top to bottom in Practice mode, which trains users to slow down and scan the entire screen before they move on.

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