Adam Hayes — January 29, 2018.

These statistics were gathered by surveying 613 unique respondents in December 2018. That it’s increasingly popular, year on year, and shows no signs of slowing down for 2020! According to Animoto, that number is even higher with 96% of marketers having placed ad spend on video. Respondents were categorised as marketers or consumers according to their answer to a preliminary question, to ensure they were only prompted to … 10% of non-video marketers say they don’t use video for marketing as they say they’re unclear on the ROI of video, with another 10% saying they’re unable to convince key decision-makers. Brand new video marketing statistics. 59% of non-video marketers say they expect to start using video as a marketing tool in 2020.

For the last four years, Wyzowl's annual State of Video Marketing Survey has helped thousands of marketers build a complex understanding of the video marketing landscape. Wyzowl says 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Who’s Using Video Marketing.

Another issue is how widespread video marketing is. We wanted to see what the video marketing landscape looks like for 2019. 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool. (Up from 63% in 2017, and 81% in 2018.)

The respondents consisted of both marketing professionals and online consumers. The respondents consisted of both marketing professionals and online consumers. Video is popular, sure – but what do our stats show? These statistics were gathered by surveying 570 unique respondents in December 2017. The respondents consisted of both marketing professionals and online consumers. This report provides fresh data on the state of video marketing in 2019 from a business and consumer point of view. Video Marketing Statistics 2017 Survey: The State of Video Marketing 2017 . All the more reason for businesses to take time to invest in carefully curated, high quality video content. Video Marketing Statistics 2019. Brand new video marketing statistics. In this confusing and difficult period, we wanted to try and get a feel for how marketers are responding to the unprecedented challenges they currently face – and how they plan to move forward. These statistics were gathered by surveying 230 unique respondents, consisting of both marketing professionals and online consumers. These video marketing statistics suggest a lot of people are using it. The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unusual and worrying time for everybody in the world. B2C BrandViews 〉 Wyzowl 10 Video Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind.

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