Joshua Tomb is located close to Ariel settlement in the West Bank, Palestinian territory. The Tomb of Joshua is a surprisingly unassuming place.

The Tomb of Joshua (Hebrew: קבר יהושע בן נון ‎, Arabic: مقام خادم صلاح الدين ‎) is the traditional burial site of Joshua.According to the biblical book bearing his name, Joshua died at the age of 110.His burial site was in a location of his own inheritance at Timnath-serah, which is in the hill country of the Tribe of Ephraim, north of the mountain of Gaash.

Hotels near Tomb of Joshua: (1.41 mi) Hestia Filiz Pansiyon (2.13 mi) The Grand Tarabya (4.87 mi) Hilton Istanbul Maslak (4.93 mi) Limak Eurasia Luxury Hotel (4.86 mi) Somerset Maslak Istanbul; View all hotels near Tomb of Joshua on Tripadvisor A7 takes you there. Tombs of Bible Hero Joshua Opened to Jews The IDF opens the Arab village Timnat Hares for Jewish visitors to the graves of the Biblical Joshua and Caleb. Also check when the site is open or not and who has access - am not sure Palestinians can go.

The mass prayer at Joshua’s Tomb took place in honor of Asara B’Tevet, the fast of the tenth day of the Jewish month of Tevet, which occurs today. Do check security on the ground before going there and make sure you keep your passport with you at all times to cross through military checkpoints. Occupying only a small street corner in the middle of downtown Kifl Hares, it can be easily mistaken for a walled compound of a typical residence of the neighborhood, such as might belong to a local middle class citizen.

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