Extensor pollicis longus: This tendon also travels along the back of the thumb and helps straighten the thumb, but it connects the muscle in the back of the forearm to the bone at the tip of the thumb. gina Ann baldwin.

Get more knowledge of the anatomy of the fingers and thumb – it is indispensable for every (aspiring) medical practitioner. Surface anatomy and osteology , art. This article discusses the ligamentous structures of the metacarpophalangeal (MP) joints (see the first image below), proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joints, and distal interphalangeal (DIP) joints.

Ligaments connect finger bones and help keep them in place. metacarpophalangeales , thumb joints , rheumatoid arthritis , rhizarthritis . The first carpo-metacarpal joint is the joint which gives the thumb its special position, and a great deal of its special mobility.

Tendons connect muscles to bones. Additionally, the thumb has 2 joints that will be discussed here, the MP joint and the interphalangeal (IP) joint (see the second image below). Learn more about anatomy of the fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder at www.HandCare.org.

The anatomy of wrist, thumb and hand is complex because of the presence of many different functional joints: the distal radioulnar joint, the wrist joint (containing the radiocarpal Fingers have a complex anatomy. Learn more about it now! Each thumb has two joints. Thumb rotation primarily takes place at the CMC joint, although the MP and IP joints each contribute a small amount of pronation with flexion. Finger movement is controlled by muscles in the forearms that pull on finger tendons. If you have pain in your thumb joints, there are a couple of things that could be causing it. Let’s take off the metacarpal heads, to see the joint surfaces. The joints are enclosed by a fibrous capsule that is lined with a thin membrane called the synovium, which secretes a fluid to lubricate the joints. Now let’s move on from the fingers, to look at the bones and joints of the thumb. The surfaces of the bones where they meet to form joints are covered with a layer of cartilage, which allows them to glide smoothly against one another as they move. Our opposable thumb joints come in handy, and we tend to use our thumbs for lots of purposes. Each finger has 3 phalanges (bones) and 3 hinged joints; the thumb has two of each. Although much is known about the static structural anatomy of the thumb, its dynamic anatomy requires further investigation. May 2, 2019 at 3:31 PM.

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