Thomas Piketty. Thomas Piketty, (born May 7, 1971, Clichy, France), French economist who was best known for Le Capital au XXI e siècle (2013; Capital in the Twenty-first Century).

Piketty was born to militant Trotskyite parents and was later politically affiliated with the French Socialist Party.
Inherited vs self-made wealth: theory and evidence from a rentier society (Paris 1872-1927), Explorations in economic history, vol.51, n.1, 2014, p.21-40 (with G. Postel-Vinay, J.L.
If the world introduces a “Piketty tax”: Squeezing the rich . It is in the best interest of economists to take Piketty seriously, lest they give the impression of caring little for the public’s welfare. A Serbian-American economist proposes an interesting theory.

Thomas Piketty page personnelle homepage. Thomas Piketty, translated by Arthur Goldhammer Harvard University Press, $39.95 (cloth) The 2014 English publication of Capital in the Twenty-First Century made the French economist Thomas Piketty a household name. But the accumulation of evidence and theory since Piketty’s publication makes it obvious that such a research agenda is vitally necessary, and thankfully it is starting to take shape. Jul 30th 2015, 3:06 from Print edition.

Thomas Piketty’s new book examines historical and modern inequality, suggesting a “potentially terrifying” trajectory.

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