The Village: Book I poem by George Crabbe. The Repose and Pleasure of a Summer Sabbath . One might think, then, that Crabbe's The Village would have displaced Goldsmith's The Deserted Village in the canon; but that is not the case. Crabbe's bleak moral vision probably derives more directly from Spenser himself. . George Crabbe was born in 1754 in the village of Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England. Page The poem had been completed and revised under Burke’s guidance, and submitted by Reynolds to Johnson, who declared it “original, vigorous, and elegant,” and made an alteration which cannot be wholly approved.

In May, 1783, the publication of The Village revealed his peculiar qualities as a poet.

He apprenticed to a doctor at the age of 14 but left his village and medical career in 1780 to pursue his literary interests in London.

The Village (Book 2) by George Crabbe.
In George Crabbe …powers as a poet with The Village . The Village Life and every care that reigns Oer youthful peasants and declining swains What labour yields and what that labour past. Crabbe went to Belvoir in or about August, 1782. Written in part as a protest against Oliver Goldsmith’s The Deserted Village (1770), which Crabbe thought too sentimental and idyllic, the poem was his attempt to portray realistically the misery and degradation of rural poverty. Crabbe has frequently been compared with the Dutch realistic painters, and THE VILLAGE is rich with vigorous, natural word-painting. On the contrary, Goldsmith's poem is anthologized more often and is the subject of far more modern criticism than Crabbe's.

The Village was a landmark poem in the long series of poems originating in the Deserted Village, a number of which were written in Spenserian stanzas. ArgumentThere are found amid the Evils of a Laborious Life some Views of Tranquillity and Happiness.

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