Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe 24 8. Saruman the White 41 12.

Print and download in PDF or MIDI The Shire. Please feel free to leave comments with suggestions that you may have.

Three is Company 37 10.

Strider 51

Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All 1 2.

Flaming Red Hair 17 6.

Free Sheet music for Flute. A Shortcut to Mushrooms 45 13.

Anyone who wants to use my arrangement can! Enjoy! I used this file as a blueprint:

Made by stevenroose. Please feel free to leave comments with suggestions that you may have. A Conspiracy Unmasked 33 9. My rendition of Concerning Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings. Farewell Dear Bilbo 22 7.

Very Old Friends 15 5. Enjoy! Share, download and print free Sheet music for piano, guitar, flute and more on the world's largest community of Sheet music creators. Bag End 10 4.

Print and download in PDF or MIDI In Dreams - For The Tooters. The Passing of the Elves - The Elvish Lament 39 11. The Shire 8 3. 1.

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