Data - information stored on a computer. The value of jargon. In my perspective use of jargon need to be done as long as it is explained to the audience clearly. However we rarely pay attention to how much of our speech is peppered with phrases that wouldn't have made sense a few decades back. Computer jargon means words to do with computers and surrounding topics. For example, the legal profession has many terms that are considered jargon, or terms that only lawyers and judges use frequently.. Jargon, on the other hand, is broadly associated with a subject, occupation, or business that makes use of standard words or phrases, and frequently comprised of abbreviations, such as LOC (loss of consciousness), or TRO (temporary restraining order).

The … Some examples of jargon include: Due diligence: A business term, "due diligence" refers to the research that should be done before making an important business decision.

Jargon definition: You use jargon to refer to words and expressions that are used in special or technical... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Most people who do not work in IT do not “get” IT. 3 comments. Most people use these words to discuss computer ideas, but some people use these words to impress others (also known as buzzwords). Sometimes we use a word so often we don't realise that it's jargon - here's a list of some of the most common 'jargon' words. 57 technical terms that all true geeks should know. Use of technical jargon among the professionals can save your money as well as time rather than explaining it in plain English.On the other hand each and every technical word cannot be expressed in the plain English with the accurate and concise meaning. Jargon is the term for specialized or technical language that is only understood by those who are members of a group or who perform a specific trade. Jargon Examples: This Will Teach You How to Use Them Correctly. We all come across jargon examples in everyday life. However, unlike slang, its terms are developed and composed deliberately for the convenience of a specific profession, or section of society.

Let’s be honest here. Some examples of jargon are: Disk - a place to store data.

Knowing what these words mean can help people know more about computers. Christina Goggi on May 20, 2018. Jargon can be found in a variety of fields, from law to education to engineering. List of Jargon Words .

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