Tacitus has made it easier for us to be overkind to the memory of Agricola than just to that of Domitian. ( xvi ) The first three chapters of the book are introductory. This would fix the date of his birth not later than 53 A.D. Assuming that the facts as told by Tacitus are correct, I cannot even see why in this particular case we should quarrel with his judgment.

2 Tacitus records the rumour that Agricola had been poisoned by Domitian (the rumour is repeated by Dio Cassius, lxvi. Chapters 44-46 Tacitus identifies Agricola’s years of birth and death: from “the Ides of June in the third consulship of Gaius Caesar” to “the tenth day before the Kalends of September in the consulship of College and Priscinus” (89). In Agricola he has given us a charming portrait of a most estimable character. In recent years, Tacitus' account of this episode has generated more controversy than any other single passage in this already overtaxed work. From Pearce, J. W. E. 1901. We simply know that if the Agricola was not the first of the works published after the death of Domitian, it was certainly the second. Tacitus - Tacitus - The Histories and the Annals: The Historiae began at January 1, 69, with Galba in power and proceeded to the death of Domitian, in 96. TACITUS, DOMITIAN AND THE PROCONSUL­ SHIP OF AGRICOLA Chapter 42 of the Agdcola records the details of one historical incident, Agdcola's withdrawal from candidacy for the proconsulship of Asia or Africa. In them Tacitus tells his readers plainly what kind of a book he purposes to write and what point of … It is probable, therefore, that Tacitus was Pliny's senior by several years. Der Schriftstel- ler war etwa 25 Jahre alt, als Domitian zur Regierung kam, etwa 40, als der Kaiser ermordet wurde. Under Domitian, in 88, Tacitus was appointed one of fifteen commissioners to preside at the celebration of the secular games. Gaius Cornelius Tacitus (56?-117 CE), writer, orator, lawyer, and senator, was one of the greatest historians of antiquity. Agricola’s will made Domitian a co-heir with Agricola’s wife and daughter, leaving Domitian pleased. Ogilvie, R. M., ‘ An interim report on Tacitus' “Agricola ”’, ANRW II 33.3, 1720, also sees in the pair of speeches in the Agricola an echo of those attributed to Hannibal and Scipio in Livy 21.40–4. XLIII.4 Satis cōnstābat lectō testāmentō Agricolae, quō cohērēdem optimae uxōrī et piissimae fīliae Domitiānum scrīpsit , laetātum eum velut honōre iūdiciō que. While Tacitus refuses to say anything with certainty, he asserts that the behavior of Domitian (Emperor 81-96 CE) at the time of Agricola’s death was suspicious. Vespasian’s early policy, and the government of Rome were directed by Mucianus, for Domitian was a mere youth, and from his father’s elevation sought only the opportunities of indulgence. The year now arrived in which the proconsulate of Asia or Africa must fall by lot upon Agricola; [136] and as Civica had lately been put to death, Agricola was not unprovided with a lesson, nor Domitian with an example. The Agricola of Tacitus. Again, though in 43. AGRICOLA AND DOMITIAN By T. A. DOREY T is now generally acknowledged that in the concluding chapters of the Agricola Tacitus is on several occasions guilty of distortion of the truth. This is the complete set of Church and Brodribb translations of Tacitus; this etext includes parallel English and Latin text. In private, however, as we learn from Agricola itself, Tacitus bitterly resented what he saw as Domitian’s arrogance, secrecy, and poisonous envy, which resulted in a number of oppressive acts and, more importantly, a sense of profound insecurity among the senatorial elite. Das „Domitian-Erlebnis“ Wie in der Einführung beschrieben, hatte Kaiser Domitian auf Tacitus großen Einfluss.

His Annals and Histories are a panorama of first century Rome, from Tiberius to Domitian. 0 Reviews. Oxbow Books, Limited, Dec 31, 1967 - History - 344 pages. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. The Germania is an early form of anthropological writing - a close description of the communities and customs of the people of what we now call Germany. Tacitus hints that Domitian had Agricola poisoned, having an unusually close interest in the progress of his health, but scholars suggest that this was unlikely. Pliny was born in 61.

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