Monolog can send your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services. How to use Monolog in Symfony projects sending logs to Graylog.

Symfony 5.0.2 has just been released. Discussion ----- Use an HttpClient without logger in all handlers fixes: * symfony/symfony#34423 * symfony/symfony#32360 (comment) * symfony/symfony-docs#12642 Commits ----- faf6943 Use an HttpClient without logger in all handlers There are many well-known php frameworks including Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP and so on that have Monolog built in. Thus I need to use a Sentry processor to filter it out. Using the built-in Monolog processors with Symfony is relatively straightforward.

If you're using monolog for logging e.g. in-app errors, you can use this handler in order for them to show up in Sentry. More information in the official documentation.. License It implements PSR-3 - a common interface for …

We are ready to connect WebProcessor from Monolog. Now I need to filter out some data from the log data. In in the article Why should you log? This way we hooked up Symfony to Graylog with login of detailed information, by setting only Graylog2 configuration and Graylog2 settings without having to write additional code. Monolog Processor for Symfony console component. Symfony Monolog Bundle. To discover more options, please refer to the Unified APIs options and the PHP specific ones. At first, it might seem that Monolog provides a built-in solution for this through its WebProcessor which, ‘adds the current request URI, request method and client IP to a log record’. The extra part is shown at the end of the log entry. Setting up the WebProcessor. MonologBundle. The parameter options allows to fine-tune exceptions. Presented by Mateusz Wadoń ... PSR-3 logs using Monolog and Graylog 1. The MonologBundle provides integration of the Monolog library into the Symfony2 framework. Monolog processors are working before the log goes to the sentry.
This PR was merged into the 3.x-dev branch. I wrote the logging benefits, what you should log and some key concepts. Monolog is a full and easy to expand log log library under php. With a processor you can modify the record array, before it's parsed by a formatter.
Optional: use monolog handler provided by sentry/sentry (available since 3.2.0). In this article we will materialize logging implementing it using Monolog and PHP.. Monolog is the de facto standard logging library for PHP and comes out of the box in the most popular PHP frameworks, such as Laravel and Symfony. If you want to add extra information to log entries, you can do this with a processor. Note: this step is optional. Contribute to otobank/monolog-console-processor development by creating an account on GitHub. Sounds like exactly what we need! Here is a list of the most important changes: bug #35051 [DependencyInjection] Fix binding tagged services to containers (@nicolas-grekas); bug #35039 [DI] skip looking for config class when the extension class is anonymous (@nicolas-grekas); bug #35049 [ProxyManager] fix generating proxies for root-namespaced classes (@nicolas-grekas) As of today, Monolog is one of the best tools available for logging libraries. PSR-3: logs using Monolog and Graylog 2.

I've configured a Sentry handler for Monolog via config.yml. The data is added in sentry's raven_handler. But if you are building a complex application, many API endpoints can be hit at the same time, many workers can run at the same time, … and so, finding something can be very difficult. Monolog is integrated into most of the popular frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Slim, and many others. Symfony comes with Monolog and some extension like easy-log-handler that writes logs in a fancier format in var/log/dev.log.

(Vendor / Monolog / Processor / WebProcessor).

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