Apr 30, 2014 - Nancy Holt: Sun Tunnels, Utah - 1973/1976 Five miles southeast of Lucin, four large, recumbent concrete cylinders line up by pairs to view the Summer and Winter solstices. "Sun Tunnels" Nancy Holt, Utah. This is the remote setting for Sun Tunnels, Holt’s massive sculpture consisting of four concrete tubes laid out in an open X shape.The tunnels are set on 40 acres of empty … I truly hope she was, because perhaps that might be the only way she could forgive me for the name I am giving to one of her masterpieces, her Sun Tunnels. Nancy Holt, an artist exploring the human perception of time and space, earth and sky, built the Sun Tunnels as a unique art project completed in 1976. Holes through the upper surface allow sunlight to project simulated constellations into the cylinders. 26 - An artwork by Nancy Holt, completed in 1976, consisting of four large concrete tubes, laid out in the desert in an open X configuration. The show, at the institution’s Chelsea, NY, branch, is provocative and tantalising, a keyhole glimpse of an artist who spent her career making outsized keyholes and … Artist: Nancy Holt. The nine foot diameter, 18 foot long Stay safe and healthy. Sun Tunnels. Was American artist Nancy Holt a fan of Duchamp’s work? Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. 4 large concrete tunnels, placed in desert landscape align with sun in summer/winter solstice ... uses winged victory as inspiration "Last Supper" Da Vinci 1497. Check out our resources for adapting to these times. In the Great Basin Desert, west of Bonneville Salt Flats, there lies a peaceful valley.

Via Anne Bak which recently acquired Holt’s gargantuan “Sun Tunnels” (1973-76) in Utah, has found an indoor way to honour her. The four tunnels are concrete tubes laid out in an X shape, each drilled with holes to pattern the constellations of Draco, Perseus, Columbia, and Capricorn.

Gone are the halos frames christ in central window #3 repeated multiple times "Mona Lisa Da Vinci 1503. Artwork name: Sun Tunnels, 1973-76. 3. 2015.

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