La fonctionnalité de notes autocollantes pratique reste la même jusqu'à la date. Maybe something that syncs with my iPhone and i can check those notes when im not at my PC? Deals; Jobs; Makers; Radio; Ship; Log In Sign up. Pour tout cela, Microsoft lui-même met à notre disposition un programme inclus dans Windows, Sticky Notes, quelque chose que beaucoup savent sûrement déjà. I use my sticky notes on my desktop daily, like they startup with my PC. Discover alternatives, similar products and apps like brill that everyone is talking about. The note-taking app is known for its cloud sync feature. But im looking for an alternative now. NOTES HOTT. En ces temps, la prise de notes lorsque nous travaillons avec notre PC est devenue monnaie courante. and maybe as simplistic and easy to run as these pre-installed sticky notes? It’s the best alternative of Sticky Notes because it allows users to create notes on the web, Android, iOS, and Windows 10. Full list of the top Text Editing Software apps that are similar to Simple Sticky Notes, including Evernote, AbiWord, Syncplify Notepad, CintaNotes, Redhaven Outline, Portable Efficient Notes …

Alternatives to Sticky Notes to use on Windows There are several proposals of this type that we can use at the moment, some of them very interesting and useful. 4. With the exception of that, it additionally permits customers to create folders to avoid wasting several types of notes. The notes that you have saved on Google Keep can be accessed from any other computer or smartphone through your Google Account. Here 20 popular business sticky notes, customized sticky notes, door hangar advertising, logo sticky notes sites such as (NoteAds Advertising - Sticky Note Advertising). Brill. Télécharger Simple Sticky Notes . Simple Sticky Notes est une bonne alternative à Sticky Notes avec quelques fonctionnalités supplémentaires qui sont introduites pour améliorer la gestion et l'organisation. Identical to the Sticky Notes, Easy Sticky Notes doesn’t have any dashboard. I have all my to-dos, tasks, and reminders/lists on there. Mais si vous avez Windows 10, voici une excellente alternative - Stickies.

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Digitize sticky notes 200x faster than typing. You’ll most effective create notes which stick via each display screen. Therefore we are going to show you some of our favorites, since you can take digital notes in real time when working with the PC … Lisez la suite pour plus de détails.

Lisez aussi: Correction: Erreur "Impossible de démarrer le réseau hébergé" dans Windows 10.

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