The main reason we fly overseas is to look at the beautiful sceneries and to be part of the nature. Thus, epidemics are common during such troubled times. For instance, the movement of people from drylands to other areas can exacerbate urban sprawl and bring about internal and cross-border social, ethnic, and political frictions. Topsoil is crucial for plant growth because it contains most of … The social and political impacts of desertification also reach non-dryland areas. Water shortages, caused by major drought can lead to a drop in the water table meaning many plants die as their roots cannot reach the water. Desertification affects topsoil, groundwater reserves, surface runoff, human, animal and plant populations. Economic and Social Impacts of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought. Loose soil... #2 Soil becomes infertile. 100% of the people surveyed supported this statement. This is down to physical and human factors: Overgrazing and deforestation on marginal land can lead to desertification. Droughts usually have a negative effect on the health of the population affected by the disaster. Desertification reduces the ability of land to support plant life. An insufficient supply of water or the poor quality of water is directly linked to the deteriorating health of the people who are forced to used polluted water for domestic purposes and drinking. Water scarcity in drylands limits the production of wood, crops, forage and other services that ecosystems provide to our community. What are the effects of desertification? United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification #1 Vegetation is damaged or destroyed. Social Impacts •Social impacts, such as an increase in poverty, are important, but their estimation is hindered by lack of social and biophysical data and by synergies between these impacts and the underlying social causes of desertification.

If the trees are all cut down and all that is left is barren land no would want to visit that place. Tourism and deforestation.

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