This decision as to when, where and for what purposes a DUI roadblock or license check must be made by a … One of the U.S. Supreme Court’s top concerns was to not have police officers in the field make the decision on the use of checkpoints. Sobriety checkpoints are an effective law enforcement tool involving the stopping of vehicles or a specific sequence of vehicles, at a predetermined fixed location to detect drivers impaired by alcohol and/or other drugs. These are usually set up during times when impaired driving is known to happen, such as holiday weekends. Find Recent Los Angeles CA DWI Checkpoint Locations. Sobriety checkpoints (also called DUI checkpoints) are locations where law enforcement officers are stationed to check drivers for signs of intoxication and impairment. Many jurisdictions utilize sobriety checkpoints as part of their larger drunk driving deterrence program. Sobriety Checkpoints Locations. Recent Los Angeles California DUI Checkpoints for May 2020- Page 1. Local Text and Email Sobriety Checkpoint Alerts. Definition: Sobriety checkpoints are police stops, or checkpoints, where officers are set up on a roadway to randomly stop vehicles to check for impaired drivers.

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