Employ needs and process theories to stimulate employee performance. As today’s … Motivator is the technique used for motivation such as pay bonus, promotion among others.

Motivation is the process of stimulating action by understanding the needs of employee and by utilising their motives.

study, motivation and employee engagement. Explain the significance of motivation in influencing organizational behaviour. 3 Importance of Employee Satisfaction.

They do not work out of any compulsion but because they dream of taking their organization to a new level. Importance of Motivation: 1.

But the motivation fills in the desire to perform to their maximum level. We will outline previous research on the topic and the existing research gap, leading up to our formulated research question and conclude the chapter with our purpose of this study.
Business 2 Abstract This paper intends to discuss the significance of employee motivation from the perspective of strategic human resource management (HRM). 1.1 Problem Background Motivation at work has grown to become one of the central issues that organizations and managers are facing worldwide (Amabile, 1993). Strategies adapted by the HR managers to improve employee motivation have been discussed in the paper. Thus, this study will not only attempt to highlight the ways in which the employees’ motivation in a private sector can be improved, but also will provide further insights on the following aspects: Firstly, it will be necessary for the managers to be trained on issues concerning different motivating approaches.
The process of motivation plays a very important role in any organisation, profit or non-profit. All the resources of the organisation are of no use unless and until the employees use these resources. Employee satisfaction is of utmost importance for employees to remain happy and also deliver their level best. Satisfied employees are the ones who are extremely loyal towards their organization and stick to it even in the worst scenario . Motivational theories seek to explain how employers can garner the most productivity from their workforce. AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE IMPACT OF MOTIVATION ON EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE (A Case Study of National Social Security Fund) JACINTA NJERI KURIA A Project report Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA – HRM) of Kenyatta University JULY 2013 . Importance of Motivation in an Organisation. The Significance of Motivation on Employee & Organizational Performance: a case study of Real Estate companies in Egypt Dr. Ashraf Saber Kamel PhD in Business Management Abstract: In today’s highly demanding & competitive labor market, organizations are becoming highly focused on boosting employee retention strategies and reducing employee turnover to a minimum level. The motivated employees make best use of the resources. Motivation helps change negative attitude to positive attitude: Without motivation the employees try to perform minimum activities in the organisation. Background.

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