If the question is about the subject, use 'wer'. Never. You may have noticed something peculiar in the German sentences--namely, that there are two different words being used for 'because.' Construction with wenn: For example, this is true for sentences that are connected with the conjunction “dass” (that). Since wenn is a subordinating conjunction, the conjugated verb must always be, in either case, in the last position of the sentence. Wenn is used in the following cases: in sentences starting with ‘when’, meaning ‘when something happens’ (time clauses), in sentences starting with ‘if’, like ‘if A, then B’ (conditional clauses). Conjunctions are what allows us to construct long and complicated sentences instead of only communicating with short and simple ones. Wenn. I would have done it if I were in your place. Morgens esse ich Müsli. The sentence starts with wenn again. Unlike in English, German main clauses and subordinate clauses are separated more frequently with commas. Well, it is important to know that there are two types: Unreal present conditions and unreal past conditions. German sentences can be complicated, but start simple and you’ll find yourself correctly ordering complex sentences in no time. Do note that in the statement part where you use 'wenn' or 'als' as a conditional statement the verb MUST strictly come in the end as shown in the examples.

If the question is about an object, determin

In a normal subject-verb German sentence, always put the verb in second position. I figured out the rules for you below. This would translate to: Als ich 10 Jahre alt war, habe ich Deutsch gelernt. Use wenn plus the subjunctive II if the sentence indicates a hypothesis not realized. Have you ever wanted to learn German? 1. 1. Clozemaster Blog. Wer bist du?

Ich esse Obst. In this post, we’re going to have a closer look at the magic that is German conjunctions! To get started and have your first basic conversations in German, you're going to need to learn some words! When / since I was 10 years old, I learnt German. 2. is: 1. determine if the question is about the subject or an object . Wer wartet an der Bushaltestelle? Ich hätte das gemacht, wenn ich an deiner Stelle wäre. The entire subordinate clause is then position 1 of the main clause, and the verb of … Of course, every type has a different mood that is used in the subordinate clause.

Then we have the Konjunktiv- comma sandwich we’ve already seen, and then at the very end we have another participle. Wenn ich krank bin, … – condition in the subordinate clause (dann) bleibe ich im Bett. (Mornings I eat muesli.) The trick to understanding the three 'who' in German (wer?, wen?, wem?) The condition comes immediately after wenn , and the result comes in the other ("main") part of the sentence. Wenn ich an seiner Stelle gewesen wäre, hätte ich das selbe gemacht If I had been in his place, I would have done the same. Conditional clauses without 'Wenn' Conditional clauses can also be formed without the conjunction wenn but by changing the position of the verb to position 1. Now, we will talk about the unreal conditions within German conditional clauses. Or with the subordinate clause in the first place: Wenn wir uns das nächste Mal sehen, gebe ich dir das Buch. In this post, we’re going to have a closer look at the magic that is German conjunctions! Conditional sentences mostly use wenn (if/when).

92 Basic German Phrases To Survive Your First Conversation With A Native. – I know that it is his birthday tomorrow.

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