The WriteScience Biggar Science Festival Creative Writing Competition is now closed for new entries. Share article. BSCB Science Writing Prize 2019.

THE ROSWELL AWARD: Heading into its 6th year, the competition offers cash prizes for science fiction writing on any theme. This is a new competition designed to support schools in encouraging students to develop a sustained interest in STEM careers. Wilson .

In addition, special prizes will be … You can read the winning entry here. The Trinity Term 2020 Schools’ Writing Competition is now closed. The winner of the 2019 competition is Laura Hankins from the University of Oxford. Comments from our judge, Dr Jennifer Rohn (@JennyRohn) on the winner of the 2019 competition: The topic was a very abstract, hard-to-describe bit of science that was brought to life and made relevant with some beautiful writing.

Biggar Science Festival Creative Writing Competition . It has been set up to give students structured opportunities to find out more about Materials Science and Engineering and enhance and enrich their studies. This is the most we’ve ever got, we’re so happy that so many of you have written for us, and we are very excited to get reading. In the early stages of creation of both art and science, everything in the mind is a story. The 6th Annual Roswell Award short science fiction writing competition are open for submissions on September 15, 2020. We have been blown over by the incredible response to this competition, we’ve received 535 submissions!

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