Died: 24 February 1525. Richard de la Pole, (died Feb. 24, 1525, Pavia, Duchy of Milan), last Yorkist claimant to the English throne.. From there they became closely connected with the Royal court, lending large amounts of money which delivered interest as high as 22%. He fought in the Battle of Pavia in 1525.1; Citations Richard was in exile with his brother, and in 1504 was left in poverty at Aachen as surety for his brother’s debts. But in 1506 he escaped to Hungary, and found a protector in King Ladislaus II, despite Henry’s demands for him to be handed over. He was styled as Duke of Suffolk self-styled. After the Glorious Sun of York had been killed at the Battle of Bosworth, the de la Poles had tried to make peace with the victorious Tudors but the family were too well connected to left alive. Richard de la Pole had been just five years old when his elder brother, John de la Pole Earl of Lincoln, had been named as heir to Richard III, the last king of the House of York.

Il était surnommé Suffolk, dit Blanche Rose Famille. Richard … Pavia, Duchy of Milan.

Edmund de la Pole – 1513: Born in 1478 to John de la Pole and Elizabeth Plantagenet, Edmund was nephew to Edward IV and future Richard III. Richard de la Pole. Projects. Born: 1480. William de la Pole (c.1290-1366) and his brother Richard (d.1345) built a wool business in Hull, Yorkshire. On This Day: 24 February 1525 Death of Richard de la Pole - Duration: 6:37. Richard de la Pole was the son of John de la Pole, 2nd Duke of Suffolk and Elizabeth Plantagenet.1 He died on 24 February 1525 at Pavia, Italy. In August 1501 he fled abroad. Richard de la Pole seems to have been made of finer stuff than his brother. Titular Duke of Suffolk and Earl of Lincoln. Son of Sir John de la Pole and his second wife, Elizabeth Plantagenet. After the execution of Edward Plantagenent, Earl of Warwick in 1499, Edmund de la Pole was the next York (Plantagenet) claimant to the throne. 1 In 1339 he received for himself and his heirs the grant of a reversion of an annuity of £70 2 from the customs of Hull, already bestowed on his father and uncle. England. Sample Story 2 days ago. Matt Lewis 138 views. Richard's outstanding quality was his gallantry as a soldier. Richard DeLaPole @RichardDeLaPole. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Richard Pole on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. Richard de la Pole (vers 1480, Angleterre – 24 février 1525, Pavie, duché de Milan), fut un prétendant de la maison d'York à la couronne d’Angleterre lors de la Guerre des Deux-Roses. May 4 - Claimant Edmund de la Pole - Duration: 4:54. Richard de la Pole (1480 – 24 February 1525) was a pretender to the English crown.Commonly nicknamed "White Rose", he was the last Yorkist claimant to actively and openly seek the crown of England. Pole was the youngest son of John de la Pole, 2nd duke of Suffolk (died 1491/92), and Elizabeth, sister to the Yorkist king Edward IV (ruled 1461–70, 1471–83). Arms of De la Pole: Azure, a fess between three leopard's faces or. Nicknamed the White Rose. Untitled visualisation (2496751) 2 days ago • published. Untitled visualisation (2497114) 2 days ago.

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