Manual Revolving Door.

The KONE Revolving Door 100 is the perfect complement to buildings where visual appearance is as important as performance. Revolving Doors.
With over 140 years of experience in revolving doors, Boon Edam provides products and consulting services that, paired with the expertise of our network of certified distributor partners, meets the highest technical and aesthetic standards. This includes size, materials and how many doors you need for your building.

Crane revolving doors are available in hundreds of configurations for virtually any entrance. There are various factors that are needed to consider the price of installing revolving doors.

Choose a door solution from the company that brings you the best in quality and service at a price to fit your budget.

The study found a usage rate of about 68%. The beauty of Crane manual and automatic revolving doors can be found in buildings worldwide.
Average daily cost of energy due to air leakage at MIT was $13.10 during the winter, but a 75% usage rate of revolving doors drops the cost to $7.66, while 100% usage would drop it to $2.83. A revolving door is only effective if it is used, however. Revolving doors were designed to relieve stack effect pressure in buildings. A revolving door typically consists of three or four doors that hang on a central shaft and rotate around a vertical axis within a cylindrical enclosure. The KONE Revolving Door 50 is ideal for busy environments where efficient, smooth people flow is critical. Revolving doors are energy efficient as they (acting as an airlock) prevent drafts, thus decreasing the loss of heating or cooling for the building. Our revolving doors combine high-quality materials, flexible operation, and good durability with energy efficiency. The Crane 1000 Series is the solution when your budget-conscious project calls for the look, function, traffic flow advantage, and energy savings of a revolving door. Revolving doors can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000, though this is a rough estimate of the average cost.

Revolving doors. Revolving doors are the ideal solution for energy efficiency and convenience. Buildings with heavy traffic require entrances that are safe, secure and user-friendly. Our automatic and security revolving doors feature superior design, convenience and aesthetics for any entrance need. If you're looking for modern revolving doors of the highest quality, you have arrived at the right place at Boon Edam. Fabricated with rigid aluminum construction, the 1000 Series offers choices that allow you to match the doors to your entrance requirements.

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