To learn more about the comprehensive set of improvements made to the platform with this release, please refer to the Azure Service Fabric 6.2 release notes . We're currently working on a Service Fabric project where we have to implement a Service Fabric Actor that does work, based on a certain schedule or timeframe. Each Reliable Actor is a partitioned, stateful Reliable Service . Orleans is a virtual actor implementation programming model and not the platform. Reliable Actors on Service Fabric are built on Reliable Services and use Reliable Dictionaries to persist state. Stateless services are a familiar paradigm in most web development. Service Fabric is a platform and provides programming modes like Reliable Actors, Reliable Services, and container orchestration(to implement services for the platform. Finally, with the public preview of the Backup and Restore service for Windows, you can now easily backup and restore data in your Reliable Stateful or Reliable Actor services. Create a new actor => Send “Actor Created” message => Add “queryable” actor details to Query Service => Now ask the Query Service for a list of actors that fit a criteria. This blogpost will explain on how this problem was handled. Recommend:c# - Using Azure Service Fabric Reliable Actors across different systems (for example, on a local deployment) to communicate with an actor server in a different system (for example, on an Azure cloud deployment) If so, how can this be configured If not, what Azure functionality could I … I have been exploring the idea of using an Azure Service Fabric Stateful Reliable Service as a way of querying a set Reliable Actors.

Reliable Services - light weight framework that lets you integrate with the Service Fabric runtime (can be stateful or stateless) Reliable Actor - framework that lets you build your applications using the Actor pattern (can be stateful or stateless) Stateless Services. Reliable Services API Build stateless services using existing technologies such as ASP.NET Build stateful services using reliable collections • ReliableDictionary, ReliableQueue • Data Contract Serializer Manage the concurrency and granularity of state changes using transactions Communicate with services using the technology of your choice • e.g. One of the challenges in this implementation was activating the actor immediately after deployment and registration. The idea goes something like this.

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