Kenya’s annual growth rate in real GDP from 1975 to 2005, for example, was 3.3%.

High population growth rates are typical in most of the developing countries. Different economists have brought up their views as to the definitions of population growth, economic development, the relationship between them and how they impact or affect the varying economies (i.e. the rate of population growth and the rate of growth of per capita income usually show no significant relationship. GDP is a measure of National Income / National Output / National Expenditure. There is generally an inverse correlation between income and the total fertility rate within and between nations. A growing population leads to an increasing total output. National Income measure of GDP. This paper examines the relationship between population growth and per capita income of a sample of five developing countries, namely China , Hungary , India , Mexico and Turkey , and also five developed countries namely, France, Germany , Sweden , U.K. and U.S. for the period of 1970-2004. Similar to the Laffer curve, the U-curve or BARS curve shows the relationship between public expenditures defined as the share of GDP or GDP per capita and economic growth as the growth … Analysis of data for metropolitan areas in the United States from 1970 to 1990 indicates per capita income increases directly with population size.

INTRODUCTION Identification of the nature and direction of a causal relationship between population growth and per capita income has been the subject of long-standing debate among researchers and policy-makers.

A 1% increase in per-capita income is associated with a 1.23% and 1.01% increase in obesity among adult males and females, respectively. Average income per capita, 1969-2018 by metro area In 1969, most metro areas had income per capita of between $10,000 and $30,000. The relationship between population growth and economic growth is of great interest both for demographers and for development economists. Another issue is that we could see a rise in real GDP caused by an increase in the population. In the 1970s numerous empirical studies, utilising the growing volume of comparable international data, failed to detect a robust relationship between national population growth rates and per capita income growth … This supposedly anti-Malthusian result has been obtained in both cross-sectional and time-series analyses.

Its population growth rate during that period was 3.2%, leaving it a growth rate of per capita GDP of just 0.1%. The growth rate of per capita income roughly equals the difference between the growth rate of income and the growth rate of population.

less developed economies, developed economies and transition … If real GDP increases 2%, but the population increases 2%, then there will be no increase …

Relationship between population growth and GDP in Europe But “it also makes for a greater number of persons among whom this output must be divided.There are more productive hands but there are also more mouths to feed.” The effect of population growth on a society’s per capita output level depends on the pattern of population growth as also its institutional (organ­isational) framework. Population Growth and Per Capita Income in Bangladesh by Mohammad S. Hasan* I. Central to the causality issue between these two variables in less-developed countries …

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