Journal of Practice Nursing The ability to reflect on practice has become a competency demanded of every healthcare professional in recent years. O’Regan & Fawcett (2006) explains that the process reduces the gap between theoretical knowledge and nursing practice and fosters the development wisdom and implicit knowledge. This article provides practical guidance to help practitioners use reflective models to write reflective accounts. Nursing Times This is an excellent practical guide to reflective practice…I would highly recommend this book to all practice teachers and students. Reflection Of Clinical Practice Nursing Essay.

5/12/16 Essays Reference this ... Reflective practice is described by Duffy (2008, p.1405) as an active and deliberate process to critically examine practice, where an individual is challenged to undertake the process of … Nursing Standard. Traditionally, reflection occurs after an event encountered in practice.

The article defined reflective practice, outlined the various reflective models that nurses can use, and discussed the importance of self-awareness and critical thinking in reflection. Introduction: Reflective Practices in Nursing Reflection has been described as the examination of personal thoughts and actions of an individual. Reflective practices has been identified as a most valuable and significant tool for nurse practitioners to gain an in-depth understanding of their own personal strengths and weakness. Consequently, detailed and comprehensive procedures and standards exist, thus ensuring safe, legal and effective practice, for example of the Medicines Act (1968) and NMC’s Guidelines for the Administration of Medicines (2007).

Reflection is an essential component of nursing that can enhance learning, support professional development and improve practice. In order for reflection to be effective open-mindedness, courage, and a willingness to accept, and act on, criticism must be present (Bulmam, Lathlean, & Gobbi, 2012). According to one definition it involves "paying critical attention to the practical values and theories which inform everyday actions, by examining practice reflectively and reflexively. The benefits of using reflective practice have been well documented. Drug administration is one of the highest risk areas of nursing practice and a matter of considerable concern for both managers and practitioners (Gladstone 1995). Reflective practice is an important component of the nursing curriculum. REFLECTIVE PRACTICE REFLECTIVE PRACTICE IS AN IMPORTANT SKILL THAT NURSES NEED TO DEVELOP.DISCUSS THIS STATEMENT. The authors challenge this perception, suggesting that reflection should be undertaken before, during and after an event.

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