Greg Guevara posted on Instagram: “I owe it all to you, JReg Gaming” • See 38 photos and videos on their profile. #jreg; #centricide; #Radical-Centrist In the name of radical statists, I, Magical Boy Nazuboru-kun, shall punish you, Horusashu Centurist! | Jreg | Know Your Meme Advanced Search Protips jreg centricide anticentrism anticentrist anti centrist anti centrism anti-centrist anti-centrism greg guevara radical centrist dead centrist ape political horseshoe centrist political nihilist anti radical anti-radical moderate lee antiradical league of anti anti centrists league of anti-anti-centrists my art jreg The UDD is a simulation, with a custom bot, that selects a new president every week. While seemingly identifying with anti-feminist Youtube at-large, and espousing mainly anti-feminist views, she also shies away from the label 'anti-feminist', and has preferred the label, "egalitarian", instead. How do I know this? Jreg. Create a political party, run for office, be dictatorial or be democratic, it's up to you! June Nicole Lapine (born June 22, 1991), better known as Shoe0nHead is a self-described social democrat YouTube commentator who criticizes feminism and Tumblr ("SJW") culture..

Over the past few years, political thinkers and minds have devised a series of political theories that would "suit" the people's needs inside the government. Details Duration: 9.400 sec Dimensions: 441x498 Created: 10/7/2019, 3:56:37 AM. He seems to be fairly moderate. Jreg is not a nationalist. In various videos he has criticized nationalism, especially the American alt-right.

I've seen quite a bit of content by Jreg, and it's really nailed all of the different areas of the spectrum found on the political compass.

Details Duration: 5.990 sec Dimensions: 498x280 Created: 10/28/2019, 4:58:15 PM. Related GIFs.

... A centrist isn't smashing department stores windows, flipping over cop cars, and beating innocent people. Centrist tend not to want radical change while anti centrist tend to believe in radical change just disagree about how to. Sir Quackerton says: September 15, 2019 at 5:38 am ... Jreg is a Radical alt-nihilist. Bio Radical anti-centrist Hyper-meta-post-post-modernist Post-satirist ↖️↗️ ↙️↘️ Burn The Fence Down || Every Extreme Is On The Same Team ˈʤunjər ɛg Location Ottawa, Ontario Tweets 640 Followers 14,5K Following 253 Account created 06-05-2016 17:51:01 ID 728643243143880704 He hasn’t talked about them publicly, but it can be assumed that he’s a liberal.

Digaddog Radical Anti-Centrist 2 points 3 points 4 points 1 month ago I think its more of a weakness and resistance thing, but wacky power is the opposite of centrist power permalink #jreg; #centricide; #Radical-Centrist Top 10 Political and Economic Ideologies Ideologies lay the foundation of a nation's economic and social policies in accordance with its ideals. Reply. See more 'Jreg' images on Know Your Meme! Alexander Saunders says: December 5, 2019 at 8:23 am r/Jreg: Anti-Centrist Aktion || Burn The Fence Down || Every Extreme Is On The Same Team || Eliminate The Center || Brick Through The Overton Window Related GIFs. Reply.

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