Dealing with questions in a presentation is a skill which anyone can master. Many otherwise extremely competent and confident presenters will tell you that they really dread the question and answer session of a presentation. Allowing the audience to ask questions after your presentation is an excellent way to reinforce your message and continue to sell your ideas. Before you even get to the day of the big talk, think of how you want to handle the question and answer portion of the presentation. The presenter can enhance the usefulness of the question and answer session by treating it as a formal part of the presentation that requires as much careful planning and control as the delivery of the core material. Favorite Answer "...after my presentation, there will be a Question and Answer session.... Has to be "will be" as the event is yet to happen, so you need the future tense. They seek ways to ‘avoid’ difficult questions. Public Speaking How to Actually Handle Q&A Sessions After a Presentation Like a Pro A bad Q&A session can be the death of an otherwise great presentation. by Stephen D. Boyd, Ph.D., CSP (9 October 2004). Question and Answer Session after the Presentation. Can people ask questions throughout the presentation or is it better to have a more formal question and answer session at the conclusion of your presentation? When the presenter is seen to be speaking ‘off script’ the audience tends to believe him or her more than during the formal presentation and, of course, the presenter is responding exactly to the audience’s specific needs. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Arguably, the question-and-answer session can make or break a presentation. Guide for Handling Questions after a Presentation.

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