Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome is the result of a perpetual and ongoing psychological trauma. Being in an unpredictable environment teaches us to live in a hyper-vigilant state as a way to protect … Narcissists have dangerous relationships with money, and we pay the price.

The difference is …

Psychological abuse leaves behind long-lasting feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy, a sense of being separate from love.

People who have PTSD from the military, and people who have PTSD from domestic abuse have different causes for their symptoms, but some things are the same. You will end up with emotional flashbacks that are triggered by certain things that remind your brain of danger or trauma. CPTSD differs from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in that its due to repeated, ongoing, and prolonged exposure to a traumatic event. For people into NLP triggers are called NLP anchors. As survivors of narcissistic abuse syndrome, recovery often requires overcoming the narcissistic financial abuse we suffered – sometimes for years. Many people don’t realize that suffering narcissistic abuse for weeks, months, or years can lead to complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) which often includes financial PTSD. However, talking someone into going to a loud dance club, or guilting them into going to fireworks, when it has been made clear that loud noises are triggers, is abusive. Whereas PTSD is due to a once off traumatic event. After this, it's common for PTSD to develop as the survivor replays every second in their mind, over and over again. Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome and Complex PTSD. Domestic Abuse, narcissistic abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse….all can cause PTSD .

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