Twenty-six Tables in total, cover the known World at that time in the three continents Europe, Asia and Africa. First map of Africa (Straits of Gibraltar, northwest Africa), in full gold border (NYPL b12455533-427033).tif 4,888 × 3,807; 53.46 MB Ptolemy Cosmographia 1467 - North West Africa… REREADING PTOLEMY'S MAP Africa in Antiquity: A Linguistic and Toponymic Analysis of Ptolemy's Map of Africa, together with a Discussion of Ophir, Punt and Hanno's Voyage. Lacroix [2]. By W. F. G. Lacroix. Ptolemy wrote several scientific treatises, three of which were of importance to later Byzantine, Islamic and Western European science. Although this map was drawn in 1535, it is a literal rendering of information in the Geography, so it is a classical Ptolemaic view of Africa. This hypoth- esis is supported by e.g.Mauny(1978) but is not taken into account by the works mentioned above, and is reconsidered in the following. The Ulm Ptolemy’s modern map of Spain Tabula Moderna Hispanie. (16.5 by 22.25 inches). xi+416.

The Ptolemy world map is a map of the world known to the Roman Empire in the 2nd c. AD. 20+1 loose map. The oldest surviving Ptolemaic world map, redrawn according to his 1st projection by monks at Constantinople under Maximus Planudes around 1300. Gosselin(1798–1813) assumes that places of the African western coast are repeatedly given by Ptolemy. Saarbrücken: Verlag für Entwicklungspolitik, 1998. The modern map of Spain printed in the Ulm edition of Ptolemy’s “ Geographia” of 1482, is one of the earliest obtainable printed “modern” maps of Spain. Ptolemy's work probably originally came with maps, but none have been discovered. 420 by 565mm. Pp. It is based on the description contained in Ptolemy's book Geography, written c. 150. Ptolemy, ancient map, West Africa, reconstruction, GIS 1. Introduction Reconstruction of ancient West Africa based on the data from Ptolemy’s Geography [1] was attempted before; see a book by W.F.G. This map shows Africa as described by Ptolemy in his Geography, written around 160 CE. maps, the localisation was supported by internet-based map-ping applications such as Google Earth (Google Inc.,2015). (Nijmegen Studies in Development and Cultural Change, 28). However, the researchers encountered significant difficulties. Mostly used in the cartographic implementation of Ptolemy's Geographia is the t-Pp, because of its easy and convenient applicability in constructing the maps of the areas represented in the Tables/Maps.

One can see the origin of patterns that appear in later maps. Double-page woodcut map, fine original hand-colour, slight dampstaining to upper portion of map. We took into account some of the earlier findings.

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