It’s possible to draw distinctions between coaching and mentoring although in practice the two terms are often used interchangeably. Principles of mentoring and coaching The Welsh Government recognises that the ways mentoring and coaching are used depend on the context.
The principles of mentoring.

Principles of mentoring and coaching The DfES recognises that the ways mentoring and coaching are used depend on the context.

Coaching and mentoring are development approaches based on the use of one-to-one conversations to enhance an individual’s skills, knowledge or work performance.
Common elements, in an educational context, include: • a learning conversation By JOSHUA MILLER Even though it can be sometimes confused with therapy, training or mentoring – coaching is a unique proposition which can very often combine: a career counselling, management counselling, mentoring, psychology, positive thinking, leadership training programme, consulting and other similar trainings. Throughout this time, I have deeply connected with my coaching spirit and developed 8 coaching principles that create the foundation of successful trainers. There is no intention to impose a uniform model. 2.2 Coaching and mentoring are separate activities but the key principles are similar. 2: Mentoring involves a clearly bounded relationship that is close and uncoerced (unlike friendship or parenting). Keywords: Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Development, Scriptures, Jesus Christ Introduction The processes of coaching and mentoring (Kinlaw, 2000) involve the coach/mentor in guiding the learner towards goals. 10 Principles (1-5) 1: Mentoring requires a trusting, confidential relationship based on mutual respect. It is this principle that should sit at the heart of mentoring. In my book, Coaching for Breakthrough Success, my co-author, Dr. Peter Chee, and I provide business professionals with various coaching principles that they can put to use every single day. Plutarch stated that "The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled." These ten principles, based on evidence from research and consultation, are recommended to inform mentoring and coaching In meetings, coaches/mentors are seeking to assist learners towards their own realizations and understandings. 3: Mentoring involves a definite time commitment. There is no intention to impose a uniform model. Although there are many principles of quality coaching techniques, there are some that will have the biggest impact on those being coached and the effectiveness of the experience for both parties. These ten principles, based on evidence from research and consultation, are recommended to …

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