22 comments. 04-07-2020_X100V_porta160_DSCF7966.jpg Kodak Portra 160 Film Simulation . I can count on (probably on one hand) how many times Portra let me down because I knowingly or even unwittingly under or overexposed too much. The dynamic range of Portra far exceeds that of Velvia, so the shadow and highlight detail is much improved.

Fuji X Weekly reader Luis Costa asked me if I could create a Kodak Portra 400 film simulation recipe for the Fujifilm X100F. Any articles, blog posts, forum responses or info in general would be greatly appreciated. I’ll always have a soft-spot in my heart for Velvia because it was the first film I fell in love with, but these days I’m really loving the look of Portra. Medium format vs 35mm on dynamic range. The two other film stocks in the Portra lineup, 160 and 800, offer similar color palettes that generally produce pleasing skin tones but their saturation and dynamic range is vastly different. Highlight: -2 The latest Portras (160, 400, and 800) all have the great dynamic range you'd expect with C41 films, and they can even be push-processed a stop with acceptable results.

Film Simulation: Classic Chrome. Extreme overexposure, though, will emphasize a yellow-brown color cast, so you won't want to rate them more than 2/3 of … The dynamic range of this film is just insane (we even demonstrated as much in the exposure testing article). I liked the idea and thought it would be a fun challenge, so I agreed. What I didn't realize is that challenge was the keyword, as this was extremely difficult to figure… Dynamic Range. Dynamic Range: DR-Auto. It seems to be the case, ... Leica M6 Portra 160. The only reason I chose those two cameras is because of their reputation for good lenses. Quantifying the exact range of the film is a tricky matter and one of the more frequent questions I get. Negative films have a huge dynamic range particularly Portra 400 which has 17 stops of dynamic range and can be overexposed by 10 stops and still have detail in the highlights. Dynamic range is all the rage today in the digital world, but the ability to capture a wide range of light from deep shadows to bright highlights has been there for a long time with color negatives.

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