The current metro area population of Dakar in 2020 is 3,140,000, a 2.72% increase from …

Between 1960 and 1988, the population of Senegal more than doubled from 3.1 to 6.9 million. Dakar Urban Area Population Projections. Senegal population density is 88.2 people per square kilometer (228.5/mi 2) as of May 2020. 2023 3,430,000. Map and satellite image Map, satellite image, and topographic (terrain) map for Dakar, Senegal (courtesy of Google Earth):

2024 3,540,000. 2021 3,230,000. Over 1 Million. 8.

100,000 to 1 Million. 31. Total area is the sum of land and water areas within international boundaries and coastlines of Senegal. 10,000 to 100,000. Density of population is calculated as permanently settled population of Senegal divided by total area of the country. 2025 3,659,000. 2022 3,326,000. Growth rates for the periods 1960-1970, 1970-1976, and 1976-1988 are shown in Table 3-1. Dakar - Population 2 583 028 people Flag of Senegal In May 2019 2020 Accessible information on the population of any region, fast work of the site and constant … Senegal has 1 cities with more … The annual growth rate between these dates was 2.9 percent. Population of Dakar, Senegal Population The population of Dakar, Senegal is 2476400 according to the GeoNames geographical database.

Senegal population density. Overview Of National Population Trends. 2026 3,784,000.

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