Gothic A genre of text that was popular in the 19th Century, which usually involved mysterious locations, supernatural elements, troubling secrets and elements of madness. Spell. Speaker is the voice in the poem - the character or persona created and NOT always the poet. handouy Poetry techniques. A reference to another event, person. 5 4 customer reviews. A link to all things to do with repetition. Preview and details Files included (1) docx, 15 KB. Info.

Use of language where the meaning is unclear or has two to possible meaning. PLAY. Language-Terminology-1; Language-Terminology-2; Literature-Terminology Created: Feb 1, 2012 | Updated: Apr 9, 2018 A full worksheet for pupil reference that explains each poetic term and what it does. Situation is the setting and circumstances of the poem. A Poetry Terms Glossary :Poetic_Devices_Glossary; The Hard Stuff.

place or work or literature. For example: "I'm feeling rather sleepy, but I really don't know why. Read more. Gravity. English GCSE Poetry Terminology. Poetic Terminology. Preview. Loading... Save for later. Learn. About this resource. Allusion. Poetry Terminology. English Literature; Unseen poetry; GCSE; WJEC; Created by: Benjamin1234; Created on: 17-02-16 18:18; Speaker. For example: "I'm feeling rather sleepy, but I really don't know why. Poetry that doesn't rhyme and has no regular rhythm or line length. > GCSE Revision Notes > GCSE English > Poetic Terminology. Simile: Figures of speech that compares two unlike things, using the words like or as. Ambiguity. Test. Imagery. Repetition of consonant sounds. Situation. Lines of poetry flowing without punctuation. Match.

Glossary of Literary Terms Alliteration The repetition of the same consonant sound, especially at the beginning of words Allusion A reference to another event, person, place or work of literature.

0.0 / 5. If you’re after comprehensive glossaries here are 2, courtesy of Harwich and Dovercourt High School.

Terms in this set (34) Alliteration. Free. 2 of 12 . Created by. Worksheet of Poetic Terms. Flashcards. Yifan_Wong.

1 of 12. Want to tell your anaphora from your epistrophe? Poetry Terminology; Metre; 11X1 responses; Further Revision Resources; Terminology you need to know. Write. Author: Created by MissRathor.

STUDY. by revisioncentre 21 April 2020 21 April 2020 GCSE English. Extended metaphor: A metaphor that is continued throughout a poem. Metaphor: A figure of speech that compares two unlike things directly, without the use of like or as. I guess it is the way the day has spun out of control."

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