If you didn’t start this post over because that first line is important. Qualifying agnosticism . How to use agnostic in a sentence.

But to be an agnostic does not mean to be without a religion; it only means to be without a revealed religion.. See more. Did you see that? How agnostic Differs from atheist One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God. tic (ăg-nŏs′tĭk) n. 1. a. Define platform. One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism.

Neutral vs. Agnostic bookworm, by manduhsaurus. A platform is a group of technologies that are used as a base upon which other applications, processes or technologies are developed. What does vendor agnostic mean? The world is not the same to the Christian theist and to the agnostic.. Information and translations of vendor agnostic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. ts.avnet.com. © 2012 - CNRTL 44, avenue de la Libération BP 30687 54063 Nancy Cedex - France Tél. 2. adj. Definition of vendor agnostic in the Definitions.net dictionary.

b. 2. agnostic definition: 1. someone who does not know, or believes that it is impossible to know, if a god exists: 2…. In technical and marketing literature, agnostic often has a meaning close to "independent"—for example, "platform agnostic" or "hardware agnostic." Learn more. Agnostic definition, a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.

Free platform-agnostic virtualisation readiness assessment service designed [...] to help you take the first step towards virtualisation [...] by assessing physical desktops and servers. I am not a grammar expert. One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something.

Agnostic definition is - a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (such as God) is unknown and probably unknowable; broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god. "Un mystique ne peut être qu’agnostique.Il tend vers mais n’aboutit pas. n. 1. a. Platform agnostic data analytics software, analysing of big data Rapid ingestion of all data into any device, computer operating system and form factor. platform synonyms, platform pronunciation, platform translation, English dictionary definition of platform. In much more serious matters it is assumed that the agnostic is impartial; whereas the agnostic is merely ignorant.. Such applications are sometimes referred to as “cross-platform.” Device-agnostic software operates across various types of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablet PCs …

In some cases however, while industry agnostic firms may work in a number of different industries, they still have a geographic or middle market focus. [12]. platform-agnostic currently has no approved synonyms. Qui pense que Dieu est inconnaissable, qui ne prétend pas connaître les secrets de l’Univers.

Users with a total answer score (total upvotes minus total downvotes) of 5 or more on the tag, can vote for tag synonyms. Industry agnostic is a term that refers to private equity firms or investment banks that don't specialize in a specific industry. see all tag synonyms » Users with more than 2500 reputation and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can suggest tag synonyms.

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