The journal publishes articles that use all approaches in both fields.

Structure of the programme.

Philosophy of Law is a specialisation of the MA Philosophy 120 EC. The two-year programme consists of the following components:

Combining two master’s programmes Philosophy of Natural Sciences. It would be fair to say, however, that in the last few years, many legal philosophers have expressed a growing frustration with these traditional debates about the nature of law, calling for legal philosophy to move beyond the Hart-Dworkin debates and explore new avenues of research. Philosophy of Law. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a master’s degree in Philosophy and the title Master of Arts (MA). In Leiden we study these in a way unlike elsewhere. In addition, it publishes work in any of the major legal traditions, including common law, civil law, and the socialist tradition.

Departing from the idea that intellectual progress requires standing on the shoulders of giants, all the courses we give (and our research) are based on the study of Great Thinkers and Great Books have to say about law, morality and the state. Submit your application in Studielink.

The two-year MA programme in Philosophy (120 EC) offers five specialisations, in which students are able to combine the study of philosophy with a non-philosophical discipline: Philosophy of Humanities. Philosophy of Psychology. Philosophy of Law, Governance and Politics at Leiden University is an accredited degree programme. Philosophy: Philosophy of Law and Governance courses in the study guide. Philosophy of law deals with this type of questions. Check the entry requirements. Apply now. The philosophy courses either bring students up to speed on fundamental philosophical discussions (30 ECTS) or are especially designed for this specialization and concern philosophy of law specifically (54 ECTS). Generally, students will be enrolled in two master’s programmes: the MA Philosophy 120 EC, and a master’s programme in Law. Law and Philosophy serves as a forum for the publication of work in law and philosophy that is of common interest to individuals in the disciplines of jurisprudence and legal philosophy. Philosophy of Political Science.

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