However, we shall confine our discussion to the philosophical and empirical approaches only. There are disagreements among political scientists on the approach to the study of politics. It then attempts to harmonise its theories with the actual facts of history. In the vast range of political science there are a number of great or remarkable books Philosophical approach wants to explore the meaning and central theme of these books as well as the exact purpose of the authors. Philosophy,then, intervenes, in the study of Political Science But the pitfall to be avoided in applying the philosophical method is that of attempting to defend one’s own personal opinion. Philosophical, Speculative Or Deductive Method Of Political Science: It is the oldest method of the study of politics. Therefore, History forms the very foundation for the study of Political Science. It does not try to teach any political science methods, although I discuss various methods and what one might achieve with them, and make some recommendations as to how to go about studying some issues. The principal aim of the book is to examine some philosophical issues through the lens of political science methodology. A philosophical approach to an answer is one which uses reason and logic in the form of philosophy.
Exponents include; Freeman, Aristotle, Leacock, Seely etc ; Seely: “History without Political Science has no fruit and Political Science without History has no root” They are 02 legs of the same body. In Political Science this method of investigation starts from some abstract original idea about human nature and draws deduction from that idea as to the nature of the State, its aims, its fractions and its future.
An approach to a study implies a method, that is, how to inquire as well as the focus, that is, what to inquire. This This means that you would not tend to use science and maths in a general philosophical answer. Historical Method . The Philosophical method, like other methods in the study of Political Science,demands a detached and objective point of view. It was used by Plato, al-Farabi, Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Green, Bosanquet and others.

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