At the foot of the Mount of Mercy in southeastern Persia, Darius the Great built his capital, Persepolis-symbol of Persian glory for two centuries. 1. Messengers traveled on horseback to deliver urgent royal commands or news, while merchants used camel trains to transport goods. The Persian Empire extended from Mesopotamia to India and from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf, enveloping the present day countries of Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. This was the longest highway in the Persian Empire. Rostovtzeff From the Back Cover. Here are 9 Persian Empire facts to prove this: 1. Associated with these assessments is a lesson called The Persian Empire: Definition & Facts. Prowess . The Persian empire was one of the greatest to ever exist.
It ran for more than 1,550 miles (2,500 km) from Sardis, in western Turkey, to the empire’s capital, Susa, near the Persian Gulf. It was notable for its inclusion in various civilizations and for becoming the largest empire in ancient history, extending from the Balkans Peninsula in the west to the Indus Valley in the east.
A giant network of roads linked the empire’s provinces.

The First Suez Canal. In order to boost trade between Egypt and the Persian Gulf, Darius-I ordered the construction of a canal linking the Nile and the Red Sea. The Persian civilization is recognized one of the most advanced and modern civilizations of its time. "The fullest and most reliable presentation of the history of the Persian Empire in existence."--M. The Achaemenid Persian Empire can be credited for the development of organized cavalry forces that were tactically used on the battlefield along with other mixed forces like Sparabara (archers with large shields) and Takabara (heavy peltasts). They were very advanced in almost every field of life. Interesting Facts About the Persian Empire. Persian Empire Facts and Achievements. The name "Persian" comes from the people's original tribal name Parsua.

The capital of the Persian Empire was Ctesiphon, called Baghdad today. Here are some interesting facts about the First Persian Empire.

This was also the name they gave the land they originally settled which was bounded by the Tigris River to the west and the Persian Gulf to the south. From medical to transport and from food to chemical industry, Persian people have invented a lot of things which we are still using in our daily lives. They battled the Romans, and later the Byzantines, for control of current Syria, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and Arabia.

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