annominatio). The tailors called a council of the board to see what measures should be taken, and looking upon the bakers as the flower of chivalry, decided to follow suit; the consequence of which was, that a cereous* insurrection was lighted up among the candle-makers, which, however wick-ed it might appear in the eyes of some persons, developed traits of character not unworthy of ancient Greece.

The jokes and the puns i.e. paronomasia, just don’t translate, and translators often view them as frivolous. Although the Book of Judges is not the only book in the Old Testament to play with people’s names, it does have some particularly amusing examples of paronomasia. Moulton, 1882, pp. In giving His Word He used the language of the people to whom He spoke.

* [Note: Winer in his NT Grammar (tr.

THE BIBLE is the revelation of God put in human language. 793–796) distinguishes between paronomasia and annominatio, defining the former as ‘a combination of like-sounding words’ (e.g. PARONOMASIA OR A PLAY ON WORDS. One of these is found in Judges 3:8 , 10. In all languages there are literal terms and figurative expressions.

God not only gave the thought, but also chose the words by which the disclosure was to be conveyed to man.

Unfortunately most of them are lost in translation. παρονομασία, Lat.

Paronomasia/Word Play in the Bible. The Hebrew language lends itself to a good deal of word play, and the Scriptures are full of such amusements.

Paronomasia is a literary device, a deliberate "play on words", also called a "pun", for the purpose of commentary, exploiting sound similarity or meanings as a serious social or political critique or as a form of ridicule, for effect.. Possible examples: "The numerous ill-conceived current policies of Democrats provide a liberal display of stupidity on Capitol Hill." PARONOMASIA (Gr.

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